Home Capped

Home Connect enables you to conduct research for all your school assignments, surf the internet, trend on social networks, transact and handle your banking online.

All because BRIGHTWAVE is ensuring BROADBAND FOR ALL.

Once the Home Connect is active in your home, you will now have access to what the internet has to offer.

E-Learning , E-Health and E-Commerce will just be the beginning to your Digital Transformation.

Strictly month-to-month packages and data is valid for 30 days.

How it works and staying connected

There is an antenna is what allows you to connect to the Internet using BrightWave’s broadband infrastructure.
With the antenna professionally installed by our technicians, the antenna will connect with BrightWave’s broadband network and your home and you will then be connected.

The entire family will be able to use the Internet through a number of smart devices such as cellphones, tablets, computers, laptops and other WiFi enabled devices.

Click the link below to view the different Home Connect packages.

BrightWave has a drive to ensure Fast Affordable Internet for all and we are offering data packages from 1GB to 50GB.



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